English subtitles are available now for Ming Strike's A-log 小明拆台播客有英文字幕版了

受Chinese Arts Now英国华人艺术节邀请,小明拆台播客将制作三集A-log节目的字幕版,让更多对东亚表演艺术感兴趣却不使用中文的人了解我们的节目。


Ming Strike (小明拆台) is a podcast about current events and challenges in performing arts through the eye of Asian art practitioners living in the UK.

Initiated by GASP-C in May 2020, Ming Strike has presented twelve episodes to date. Ming Strike is currently broadcast in Mandarin Chinese and has reached audiences in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, US, Europe and beyond.

A-Log is a subsection of our podcast, providing an immersive experience by our audio documentary of performance events. ‘A-log’ echoes the popular form of V-log, and is a blog in the form of audio presented in first person perspective.

Between February and April, Ming Strike will present three episodes with English subtitles, hoping the non-Mandarin speaking audience can also virtually travel with our podcast hosts and experience live performances.

Ming Strike will be taking you to:

  1. The Night of Xu Xian – Legend of White Snake, a site-specific performance in Taitung Fringe Festival (Releasing on Feb 25)
  2. Acid House: Parallel Exhibition Tour of Taiwan Biennale (Releasing on Mar 18)
  3. Performance Vidéothèque: London International Mime Festival 2021 (Releasing on Apr 1)

Listen to the podcast with English subtitles on: https://chineseartsnow.org.uk/events/小明拆台-ming-strikes-a-log-eng-sub/

*This subtitling project is comissioned by Chinese Arts Now with support from Arts Council England.